Saturday, March 08, 2008

Friday and Saturday, have been what we call slow days. Did see a few Snow and Blues yesterday, but never seen a one today. But on the brighter side, we had a south wind today and we got the start to a nice open water hole. My feeling is that the birds have the instinct that tells them that the fields are froze here yet, and the water holes are not open, so this morning they went and exercised out into the wind, which took them away from us. Well we have warmer weather coming our way tomorrow, Sunday, with a north west wind so I am expecting to see some activity in our area. There could be some of the fields that contain a considerable amount of snow melt, water, open up, as well the dirt will be thawing, so they will be able to start feeding in our area and our activity will be picking up. Once they start feeding here then they will start moving into this area. They are just to the south of us about 150 miles by the hundred of thousands. Have heard numbers like between, several hundred thousand to one million, and they all should come our way. Even if you cut that number in half and then divide it by two, it is still a big number of birds coming our way.

Since I like complaining I just have to say that the past two mornings have been down right cold. And it didn’t quit with being “just cold” in the morning yesterday; it stayed that way all day long. However it did get pretty nice this afternoon. The farmer just to the south of us, did decide to pump his hog confinement pit today, and even with a pretty good wind it still spiced up the air around the pits, most of the day. Sure was glad it wasn’t one of them days where you have a gentle breeze, from the south, or it may have drove us out of there, early this morning.

Can’t think of anything other news, to pass on so will let you go.

Say a prayer for the troops tonight, and please check back

See Ya Carl

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