Friday, March 21, 2008

Again today, a third high total, for the spring shoot, has been set. Also we passed over the first threshold or plateau. Was a better day than most have been for the year, but not what you would call a great day on average for a spring day shoot.

About ten minutes before legal time, was the best opportunity, but we had to pass on it. We had a big flock down in there, better than any other, large flock all season, but you just have to pass on them, when it is that many minutes early. Was a bitter pill to swallow.

The most positive thing about today was: for what we seen or had decoy, we probably average a better bag limit, than most days. We, or the guys, did make there shots count. Not many birds flew out of the spread, today. We were low on shooters and had 11 in the bag when it was all over. The count is now, up over a 100, so we are whizzing right up there.

Just was not many birds, moving today. If the Feds, are tell us the truth on the birds at Squaw Creek, they set tight today. Most of the time when there is a wind like we had today, they love to fly into it and we would have seen them. I know there was a heavy cloud cover, and that hurts, but you would have bet, we would have seen more than we did.

Best get this posted so say a prayer for our hero and please check back

See Ya Carl

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