Friday, March 29, 2013

The Juvies are around

Friday, I had problem with my home refrigerator, so I boogie home early and work on that and did not get around to posting anything.  It was a day where there was a posting really necessary.  Couple of exciting thing that you should know. 
I know a few years ago that harvesting 200 birds was not anything to rave about, but once, the Sky Carp, figured out the spring hunt, reaching that number has got much harder to reach.  Well yesterday we went over that mark, and we reached it with out one outstanding day.  But we have just been chugging along with a modest count and they add up.  We did have a good percentage of juvies yesterday, and when that happens the hunting or decoying is a little easier.
Now, to today.  All flocks today were small flocks, but we had several go-A-rounds, but the total does not add up the fastest, that way. Had some great decoying when the wind got up.  It always amazes me that they can just look into the wind and just stand there.  One time we had a flock of about a dozen birds, decoying.  Well as luck would have it, first there was an Eagle hunting the lake at a lower level that the geese were.  So they would not drop down so we set and watch a standoff for a couple minutes then if that was not enough, we had a plane then come grinding into our area.  Just in case you don't know, geese don't like small prop type airplanes, so the geese forgot the eagle and we tried to forget the plane and geese.  Again, there were several juvies in the bag this afternoon. 
Don't forget, our heroes, tonight in you bedtime prayers, and please take a little time to check back.  Thanks and we will see ya

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