Thursday, March 07, 2013

First real day of the spring season

We manned the blinds again today.  We were here for a awhile on Tuesday, but froze out at about 8:30. Yesterday we didn't even try, because it was to cold.
Come out this morning with brave 8 bodies, but it is still damn cold.  Wind out of the south east at 10-15 mph. Ice everywhere, but it was apparent that we were going to warm up, through out the day.
About 7:55 I said I heard a goose and then our eagle eye spotter said  "there they are" and they were snows and blues. There were 8, 5 snows and 3 big old blues.  This is the first we have seen, this spring, we fired up the blasters, and they quickly responded.  Give us a little look, then, over to the west lake then back to us.  Put on a show and got to within about 60-70 yards.  Didn't get a shot but got our blood pressure up some.  Them carp do that to ya, or at to least me.
Then at 8:20 those 8 come back, give us a great shot.  Early season jitters, bad eyes, careless sighting, and about a dozen other reasons, allowed us only one bird out of the flock.  I seen that flock a few minutes later and there were only 6 in it, so there was another one went down, but no idea just where.  At least we broke the ice for the season. 
Seeing a lot of Canada's, and a few Cacklers.  Also had a nice little flock of pintails, give us a fly over.  All this activity is at least something to look at. 
Up date:  Seen four bunches and decoyed all. Have had two big bunches within 70-90 yards but would not finish.  The one big bunch had a couple birds come in and set down, in the decoys, but passes on them thinking they would bring the big flock on in.  Any way we settled with cleaning up the squatters, is all.  Never the less the ones that sat down made for some great viewing. 
Looking forward to tomorrow, feel what we were seeing today, were scout geese.  South bound, and in know hurry.  Seen several different species of ducks, Canada's, Cacklers and Whitefronts, as well as the snows and blues.  Had a crew that drove in from Iowa, that said they seen several flocks of carp, in the Desoto Bend area when they come buy.  Excited them enough they come and sat in the blinds for a short day.
It just would not be right if I didn't say "I wouldn't miss tomorrow, for nuttin".
Also please remember the troops, tonight in you prayers.
Check back, because things are looking good.  They will be moving north, at a fast rate with it being so late, so they will be pushing the snow line. 
See ya.  Carl

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