Sunday, March 31, 2013


We have people, that reward the boss, with chocolate, on shots.  Since this is Sunday morning and we meet at the mini mart, and my Grandson, Kyle  was wanting in, on the fun, picked up a  large Kit Kat bar.  Come to my table and laid it down and then asked me, to guess what time, this bar would get in Ralph hands. I had checked the weather before I left the house, and it had said, we were to have a North West wind so my thought was we would shoot pretty early.   So my guess was, before sunrise.  When we arrive at the pits there was no wind at all.  Wind plays such an important part in hunting, I put all thoughts of an early shot out of my mind.  Not long after legal, we had a small flock come in, and we worked them over, and in less than a half hour latter we went into action again.  Soon I heard Kyle and Ralph talking, and Kyle was delivering this chocolate, his reward, for two very good shots.
Shortly after 1:00, after several huge high flocks that broke our hearts, by decoying then pulling out. We had a small group along with some specks that dropped in on us.  We got these two flocks separated, then quickly went to work.  We shucked about ten out of them.  Only abou 18 in the flock to start with.  What a harvest job for a real slim crew.  Had one, sailor that we could not find, but enough eyes seen it go in, that we counted it anyway.  That made three quality, above average go-a-round, for the day.  Another day, with just about 20 in the bag.  Been burning the powder the past few days.
Have a meal with family here in a few minutes so best post this.
Remember all our service personal that were separated from their families on this Holy Week end, and remember all of them in your bedtime prayers. 
Check back and we will see ya

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