Sunday, March 17, 2013

Had ice early, but it was a fun day

The day got off to a pretty slow day.  The lake froze up, over night.  we thought the wind was to blow all night, but it must not have.  The whole lake was ice.  Then the wind picked up and started cutting the ice out.  About midday, thing picked up some.  Everything was in huge flocks.  Decoyed a couple of those flock but with no luck.  Then we got a flock in for a reasonable good shot.  The crew done a pretty good job for what we had to work with.  Then just before noon we had a couple of big flocks join together, and wound themselves down and down, but with a big problem.  We had several hundred ducks and a  couple dozen, Canada's, and Whitefronts trying to get into the lake too.   This large group of S&B's down low enough to be in gun range and bearing down on us.  Again with our problem of the ducks and Canada's.  I kept telling my hunter we were not going to be able to shoot because of these other birds.  Just as lead edge was pulling up in front of the blind, it was as if the boss was Moses and parted the sky, so only Snows and Blues were in the shooting alley.  The crew did well, was a site to behold.  Even the non shooters enjoyed that sight.  
We are, for the weekend, over 100, real easy.  This is fun hunting, when you harvest birds everyday.  
This old man come in early, in hops of getting some much needed rest.  Hope it works.
Be sure to include the troops in your bed time prayer tonight.  And check back if ya can

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