Saturday, March 30, 2013

another fun day

Saturday.  Had rain over night so that usually has a tendency to  slow the hunting down some.  After about an hour we have seen one snow goose and a couple a flocks of dark geese. 
I know the FEDs will never let us harvest any of those dark birds in the spring, but it is something that need to happen.  The way I see the whitefronts, they have a different migration south than they take when coming back north.  For every one, we see in the fall we have to see 20 plus in the spring.  If you use the decoying, as a yardstick. For every one we decoy in the fall we decoy a hundred in the spring.  Sometime you feel the dark one are just pest, to us in the spring.  Example we just had a small flock of Juvies, maybe 20, that were in dam good, but the boss could not call the shot because we had two Canada's in on us at the same time.  Well the carp made another round.  Not as good a shot but we raked them pretty good, anyway. Never had a big flock in on us the whole day long, just flocks of around a dozen or smaller, except we had a group of three in, one time.  Think we ended up with 5 go-a-rounds today.  Enough that we had another of them, just short of twenty, but everyone had a fun day.   
This is the night that I have to feed and water the wife.  So we pulled the plug at 3:00 and come to the house.  The birds were not showing themselves, and we are so used to the cold weather that we could not undress enough to be comfortable, in the heat.  Boy what a nice day.  Why did I ware a coat with a hood, two shirts. Was to many clothes.  My hunting bag was heavier coming in that it was going out this morning.
Remember the troops tonight in your prayers, as always, and please check back.
See ya.    Carl

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