Monday, March 18, 2013

Windy, Cold, but Great sights

Monday the 18th.  Come out, this morning and there was a wind roaring out of the northwest.  The air temp was not to bad but with this wind it is bone chilling to me.  My game plan, to keep most of the panels on, that I can possible keep on.  Always a different hunt when we do that.  But rain and a cold wind dictate to me, cover time, especially this past two seasons. 
The birds were tough, today, and when we got a shot, you had to be quick, because how fast they can move in the wind. 
At the time, I was writing this, we have been into birds two times.  And our bag has a dozen birds, in it.  But to be honest, they have just begin to move good as I write this.   
If it had not been for the air show that we had today with all the ducks, Specks, and the Canada's, one would have to say it was just a cold day, where we shot at, few carp.  But their air show kept the blood warm, as we sat and marveled as these birds, showed us, just why man has always wanted to fly.  WHAT A SHOW, and without the ticket booth. 
All the client. Needed to leave sometime near 2:30 so we pulled up stakes, and headed to the house.  Into the S&B's just the two times. 
Please check back and say a prayer for all our heroes that serve our country
See ya.    Carl

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