Saturday, March 16, 2013

Second good day in a row.

Saturday morning, and we got the day off to a great start.  Someone spotted a pair of snows and, the next thing we knew, we had about 150 bucking, the strong northwest wind coming over the back side of the blind.  Everybody was checking their clock to see if it was legal.  Well it was, by at least two minutes.  The boss let them get out in front, just a little before he turned the troops loose.  What a start to the day.  Just a few minutes later we had another seven try the same stunt.  Well, there is none of them going, to see South Dakota again. 
They got a little harder to decoy as the day went.  Have had several flocks decoy but not finishing.  At different time we had, a single decoy, but could not even get them to finish. 
Did find corn in what we shot today.  I see that as encouraging, I read that, as birds  are staying in this area, and not birds that traveling through.  We heard the other day that there was 15,000 at Desoto Bend.  Seem like a long time since we have heard that waterfowl, was staying in that refuge.  
Ralph has been receiving call from other hunters.  Some have had great days and others are having, bad days.  Had one hunter report of having an exceptional day yesterday and can get one to look at then today.  Another reported he could not get a shot either yesterday or today.  We have not had a great day either days, but they classified as  "good days" for both days.  I think we had, a seven go-a-round day yesterday and I think it was a five timer today.  You just have to love that.   
Had one of the all time best decoying flock.  Had to be well over a thousand S&B's several hundred dark geese, and thousands of ducks, all here at the same time.  Had birds (S&B's) on several levels and birds going every direction at the same time.  Got plenty in range and the boss give the command to go into action.  This OSFF just set and watched as the crew blazed away.  When the smoke cleared hunters and dog charged the lake and the down wind area of this hunting lake.  We are still counting the kill.  Had to put the count for the day up over yesterday's count.  No one should complain about this outing.
This old man is hurting. Still not back to full strength from my surgery, and the long hard days are making me drag a bunch.
Please say a prayer for the troops tonight, and find time to check back
See ya.  Carl

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