Friday, March 15, 2013

Birds a Plenty

Been a morning with birds, birds, and more birds.  With a handicap of some then no wind.  Started with a great wind out of the southeast, but it diminished pretty early in the morning.  Down to not a breath of air.  Regardless  we have really, had a great shoot, this morning.  I am thinking we had four good go-a-rounds, plus a round, where had two young men, that worked the decoys, and come back with four.  The last go around we had what we estimated between a thousand to twelve hundred birds, down and pretty, in range when we went into action.  What a sight, birds flying in every direction.  Hope everyone knife is sharp.  Go-a-round number 5.  Nice flock of about 500 birds.  Is tough getting them into a good gun range, with this, no wind situation.  I just have to wonder just how many birds that we seen today.  The ducks is almost unbelievable today.  I just ask Kohler if I would be lying, if I said we have seen three times more duck today than we did all last fall.  He had to agree that we had.  We seen more pintails today, in here decoying, than we seen total ducks last fall.  When ever, you look up we have had birds since about 9:00 this morning.  Almost constantly over us today.   
I cant guess, just how many snow and blues we have seen today.  They have been landing in a field west of us, and we get them started and they get down to a range where we get excited, then they see the geese west of us and pull over there.  Should not complain because we have had at least seven go a rounds.  Everyone has shot at least a box of shells.
So pooped that can't think what else to say so going to shut up.  So as always remember to say a little prayer for the troops tonight and also check back. 
Let ya go.

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