Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hard to decoy but we got a few

The day got off to an early shot on a pair.  These two decoyed in so nice.  From that we were anticipating a great day.  Flock after flock totally ignored us for a few hours.  As we come up on the 12 o'clock hour,  things changed again.  This bunched we got into, had decoying and played with us for awhile, then come in for a great shot.  Our third shot we took, was a challenging shot.  Was a small flock that decoyed for a circle or two.  Then come in, giving us a long shot, but the boys were up to the task harvesting, half the flock. 
The bag had 10 S&B,s and a pair of Ross.  We did have 3-4 juvies, so the decoying, should get a little easier. 
Getting late so best get this posted.  Hope you enjoy the new format on the blog, so far it has been, pretty positive, feedback. 
Well the format may have changed but the plea for you to say a prayer for the troops has not.  So say that little prayer tonight, please.  Also check back because we should be post some great reports
See ya

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