Friday, March 08, 2013

the sky was full of waterfowl

Early morning gave us a heavy, push of dark geese.  Canada's and Whitefronts!  They were, almost constant in the skies from just minutes before sunrise to around 10:00.  But did have flocks throughout the day. Also there was tons of ducks. Shortly after 8:00 we had about 40 all white geese.  Most were Ross's but two or three Snows.  We had three in on us very good but passed, because the boss thought we would get the whole flock in, for a better shot.  Did have a loner Snow come in, and they got it.   But that has been the only shot so far today.   Even though the harvesting is very little, the viewing has been so good, with the Can's and ducks,.
I had to go to town for propane, late morning.  While gone the crew took a trio from a flock and then took another loaner. 
The 12:08 flight was late and then took their time coming in.  Our shot was 12:22, what a show they gave us coming in.  No corn shucking, but their sailing back and forth, wings so stiff, as they checked everything out.  Each go around they drop just a few yards.   Our shot was a little tall but no one complained.  We more that double the kill. Forgot, to say we picked up, a great wind.  About 12-15 MPH made those birds, able to Stand still up there.  That is so pretty, and exciting. 
I come in early, had a pretty good work out, for this, old and recovering body today.  Walked the path three times, and believe me it is rough on me this spring.  Left some hunter out there so the final number in the bag is still an unknown yet. 
Please say a prayer for our troops tonight and every night.  Check back if you can
See ya.   Carl

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