Monday, March 25, 2013

Short on hunters but long on the fun

Monday,  for all of you guys,  "I won't go hunting, unless I can shoot a box of shells", you messed up again.  We were in need of help so bad this morning.  We should have 50-60 birds laying in front of us right now.  Have had flocks from 3-1500 in on us.  With this wind, they have been sporting shots, but it has been fun.   This storm has provided a push south like no other we have ever had.  Every kind of goose that flies in this country as passed over us this morning.  Coming out of the northeast about 70-100 yards high, flying right over our lake.  Some we could turn, some we could not phase.  If we could turn them, we would get them in for some type a shot.  We have had some great shots and some fair shot, but with a "blind me" and only Lyle the bag is not filling to fast.  We got a walkin on the last flock.  Hope  there are more to come. 
With this change, for the better forecast, in the weather, this week, we should be in for some memory making days, if we can get some guns here. 
The boss and Lyle left, leaving just my self and Robert there.  We had four big flocks down in there but passed on two thinking we would get a better shot, but got into the other two. The two of us harvested 6.  Bringing our total to 12, for the day.
Guys, this season is winding down. This is also the closing of an era, and a very memorable era.  There are many of you, that should be making a trip up here for one more hunt with the legend.  This week is shaping up to be one great shoot, with the weather turning much warmer and sunshine, and tons of birds trap in between two snow lines.  Lets send the boss out, with one more memorable week.
As always say a prayer for all our hero's that serve us everyday.  Also check back for what I believe will be a great week of shooting
See ya.   Carl

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