Monday, November 11, 2013


Armistice day shoot.
November 11 1940, there was a blizzard, that hit the Midwest where there were many hunter caught in that blizzard, and several perished.  We had visions of that today, as temp went from around the mid 30's to downright miserable.  No, I do not remember that day, but have heard about it almost all my life.  Well it never got to the blizzard conditions, today, but the snow was going horizontal, not falling to the ground, and at times looked very much like a blizzard.  This storm that was bearing down on us is not a storm that holds much moisture so they say, but is just a cold temp. storm.  All morning as the temps fell, we stared into the clouds and seen no birds, but around noon that all changes.  The snow began as the clouds got heavier and we begin to see, birds in the sky.  First it was ducks then it was ducks and geese.  One time we went into ducks, with geese right behind us.  For those, that know the boss, that is not good.  But this storm, certainly has some birds on the move.  For as cold as it was and as windy as it was, a day was not as productive, as you would think.  The geese seen so nervous.  We had several flocks of Canada's but they all got out of there with out being shot at.  We have not been seeing any Canada's, but that changed today.  So hoping, this trend continues.
Really not sure of the ducks, in the bag, but we got some shooting, for the hunters.  With the wind it was fast shooting.  After the first shot there was not much of a chance of hitting a duck.  They just don't stick around to long. 
Well I best get this posted.  Remember this is the day that is reserved for the veterans, of all ages so say a prayer of thanks for them all tonight. 
Well will see ya.   Carl

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