Sunday, November 24, 2013


After a couple fruitless days at about 7:20, this morning,  the young eyes of the crew spotted birds north west over the hills, behind us.  With a lot of coaxing, we had them coming our way.  This was a flock of about three dozen.  The choir on their horns helping the boss when ask, talked these dudes into our "frozen pond".  At 7:30, right in front of my pit they were down to about twenty feet coming right at my pit.  Gaining altitude all the way, reaching the maximum height of maybe 20 yards.  As we shot, the shots got better.  Has to be the best shot this season, and a shot, that this crew deserved, too.  The boss call the shot and the fast guys were done, as the slower guns went, to work, with great shots, to be had.  Yes there was some ducking in my pit, you could say, we were experiencing an air raid alert, as victims were, crashed to the ground.  Think there was two that were in need of further un medical attention. Next we were surprised, with a nice flock of low flying Snow&Blues.  No shot.   Had another flock of 40-50 Can's that we almost had a shot on.  They decoyed in so nice but just seconds before a good shot decided it was unsafe to continue.  Again no shot
Was set up for ducks, but none decoyed.  Our water hole is so pretty, it is hard to think a bird could pass by with out dipping his feet into it.  But some flocks are pretty determined at times, and was able to avoid us. 
At about 1:30 the the hunters went home, leaving three amateurs, including me to protect the lake.  R K and crew was still at the parking lot just a cross the lake from the blinds, when we spotted a nice flock of the little SOBin Cacklers, approaching the lake,  so we decided we was not going to blow the horns, unless they were doing negative things.  It is hard for then to even fly and not do negative things, they are heart breakers in my mind.  Just let them do as they wish because you ain't directing them, anyplace.  Well the next thing we know, they all have their feet down and dropping in, toward the ice hole.  So with guns in hands we waited, for them to venture the last few yards, and we would go.  Well they gave us the old finger and flew off, as they always do.  I hate those little SOB'S and feel we should kill everyone of those little SOB's.  Again no shot! 
Will be hard sleeping tonight, because of the memory of the early morning shot.  Will be hard to have a shot, that will replace that one in the memory bank.
Well remember to say a prayer for the troops and their families, tonight and every night, this Holliday season
Please check back if you can find the time
See ya.     Carl             

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