Monday, November 18, 2013

Only Amatures, Having Fun

Unfinished business of Sunday's hunt.  Everybody give up on the days hunt and headed to the house.  Three of us stuck it out.  We were rewarded with a nice flock of 7 Mallard's.  With a few toots on the ol' horn we had them in gun range harvesting two very nice drakes. 
The day started out with a great wind, but as the sun was breaking the horizon, and our wind dying out, we seen this lone Canada pumping toward our spread.  He was to close for us to let the boss know, so Robert and I had to call our shot.  With two well placed shots scaring the boss half to death, but placing the goose DIP right in front of the lead decoy.  Minutes later we call a flock of 40-50 mallards that was passing us by.  We gave them the old "highball call".  The next thing we knew we were witnessing the beauty, of a big flock of decoying birds right over our decoys.  We are not bragging on the kill on that flock, but the sight of a large flock of ducks is the memory we will live with.  Hunters with binoculars can see, a lot of game moving to our east (out over the river), leading us to believe the day maybe building to a fruitful day.
About Ten thirty, had a pair of snows that attack us, from the air.  The boss was gone grocery shopping, but we got one low enough to kill, and we done just that.  His buddy, would not get in  range, so he escaped.  Hind site says maybe, they would have come all the way in and we could harvested both.  But that is chancy with the decoys so far away, and the fact, they was not coming in together, and I am sure, we would never of had a shot on both.  I am sure we made the right decision.  We pulled him right over my pit.  
The afternoon we, was not seeing any birds.  Pulled the plug and headed in at about 2:00.
As always, say a prayer for the troops tonight and please remember that many of family will not be together over this Holliday season, because their love one are on guard, so ask for a special blessing for those families
Please check back.  Watch the weather, it has to be forcing something our way here real soon.  See ya.    Carl
Posting a picture taken by Don Archer the other day i love hope you enjoy

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