Thursday, November 14, 2013


Again it was slow.  I had two hunters from eastern Iowa today again.  A father 60 ish son 30 ish,   On the way out to the blinds the dad made it clear, if we had a decoy shot again today, that the son was to have that shot, he had the shot yesterday. We had this Green Wind Teal land in our spread, just before sunrise a few minutes  So I told him to kill that duck, well it took some prompting to get the son to get up and perform on this bird.  I am forced to tell, that the teal will never get to see Oklahoma, because his southern traveling day are over.  Some time later we had this lone, slow flying, old Canada come mousing down the flyway.  A couple of hoots on the horn, he was in full "set down mode".  The boss call the shot, at about 30 yards.  The kid beat us old folks to the shot.  Well after the smoke and feathers cleared we had one, big old boy, feet up DIP, floating in front of us.  Again, this bird, will never see southern Nebraska either.  Well latter, daddy, got into the action, and plastered a mallard, on a nice long shot.  There was a partner with this bird, but he eluded both father and son vision, and flew out with drawing and fire.      
About all the action for the day.  Remember the troops tonight and please check back
See ya.    Carl

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