Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Still Slow

First off I have a short report on yesterday.  They killed one Mallard.  I had to leave the pit at mid morning because of my wife, had a health issue.  But the report was just the one mallard shot very early in the morning.
So now today.  We were greeted with an absolute beautiful ice hole.  Had a couple of loner ducks the gave us a shot.  Two hunters polished off one but the other one was flying slow so they didn't make contact, with that one.
Ralph decided around 8:00 that he needed to adjust the decoys.  As it would happen just after they got into the water two flocks mallards, wanted in.  The hunters didn't want to shoot with the help in the lake, so we passed on them.
Then, the next excitement, was at around 11:00, we spotted what I and other thought was a duck, setting out on the bar.  After closer investigation, it was I-D'ed as a Cacklers.  A quickly formed execution squad was formed, and sent out on this mission.  Well he took flight, but the lead executioner, put him down.   DIP.  The new lake has bagged it first "little SOB", of the season.  I think this completes the list of spices.  Ross, Snows, Blues,  big Canada's, Cacklers, and Specks.  I forgot about the big Hutch.  I think they call that, a short neck Canada, too. We need one of the yet.
That was all of it for the day. 
Getting close to the middle of November, you would think we would have more activity, than we are having. 
Remember the troops that are protecting our country.  Also please find time to check back.
See ya.    Carl

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