Friday, November 08, 2013

Thursdays and Fridays Report

For some reason Thursday's report didn't post so I pasted it above today's report
This morning before legal, we had ducks a plenty and then we had a nice flock of 16 big boys.  Gave us a nice show, before guiding to the north end, setting down in the lake.  They stay there, until we had an organize safety check, on a flock of ducks.  Guess the noise bother them.  We also had a "suicidal snow" that was hanging around here.  Well we scared the hell out of him, and now he is gone too
We had a flock of 7 Redheads,  the crew took 5 of the seven. 
Before legal, we had two snows set down in the decoys.  But on one of the safety checks they got scared and flew out.  Then about noon there was a lone Blue that tried the same trick.  After several minutes of counseling from me. Two hunters went out and he is now in the game bag. 
For you guy waiting for the action to pick up  before coming out and hunting, you best check the weather that is predicted for us next week.  If that don't tell ya, to lube up the smoke pole and join us in the pits I don't know what to tell you.        

Today started off with very high hopes.  Was some ducks around, but at the same time we had a push of Snows&Blues.  With the stiff south east wind they were flying in, time of year, we were sure we were going to pleading with hunters to help us out.  Two to three head miss, prompting a decoy shift, then the shut off just as quick as they seam to start.  We laid off the duck, thinking we would mess up a goose shot. Got one flock in for a marginal shot.  Was exciting to have a fall shot on those birds.  They always offer an exciting show, for all, if the wind is right so their show is in view for all to see.  They can made an old hunter feel young again real quick.  Well these birds today were in range for about one second.  I can only speak for my self, but they were in range about as long as it took me to stand up.  I squeezed off three rounds, as fast as I could and I am sure rounds two and three they were out of range.  But just the boss called the shot they rolled back, and we all should have placed out guns, back in the rack, and hoped they would circle back for a better shot.  But you just can't un ring a bell, get words back that have been spoken.  We did knock one down out of that flock, and also took two out of the decoys.  Anymore if you get to harvest any of those birds in the fall, you have to feel you had a good day of hunting.
Say a prayer for the troops, tonight at bed time and check back
See ya.   Carl  

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