Sunday, November 10, 2013


Early-mid morning, we had a lone Canada drift over our pond.  He was called over the pits, and the boss called a shot on him.  The hunters went up on it, and I see it was hit, but the boss and Lyle didn't think he was hit hard.  I watched this goose fly out and then lockup and head downward in a glide.  I and my hunters marked him, in relation, to some tree along the road, east of the pits.  After awhile Lyle though he should go see if he could find this bird.  I was sure he went in dead, and if he could take a line off the trees and the blind, he may find him, because I am not good on how far out a bird was.  But Lyle got his dog on the four wheeler, and went huntin.  Not long after he hit the field I heard him on the radio, stating he had found the bird.  It was a bean field, and that was helpful, but it was very lucky, too.  It is much easier if you see it go in rather that listening to someone tell you where it went in.  But everything worked out.  We got the goose. 
Seen a few flock through out the day, but only one bird got close enough to harvest.  Had Snows & Blues, a nice flock of Cacklers, a small flock of Canada's, and a flock that come in from the south, that was a mixture of Canada's and Cacklers.  They all give us a look, but then pulled out.
Ducks were not even, an option today.
Tomorrow we are going to experience the beginning of our first cold snap, for the winter.  By Tuesday morning we are to have temps in the teens, and near zero, wind chill readings.  Hope this moves in some birds. 
This is veterans week, so remember all veterans, and their families in your bed time prayers.
Also please check back,.
See ya.  Carl   

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