Wednesday, November 06, 2013


The lake was loaded with birds this morning when we arrived.  Both ducks and geese.  The activity, was pretty hot for awhile, on ducks.  We are on a strict harvest plan out there.  If you shoot you take birds.  You say you want a limit of ducks, and you shoot you are expected to take what you ordered.  This is on ducks, we want that to be the plan on the geese too.  Not sure just what we could have taken if we would have had a crew today.  Many many ducks, and they were good shots.  We stuck with just big ducks today, but there was several flocks of Green Wing Teal, that we did not bust into.  Quick reflexes saved a flock of long bill ducks, today.  Came right straight in on us and the boss, gave the command, but a keen eye and and a loud alert, save the crew.
Did see several flocks of geese high, but they did not like what we had to offer.  Specks, Carp, and some dark ones too.   Also had Canada's, a group of three and a pair that was low.  They had to be survivors, of an attack from another spread.  They would look so good, then fly out, and not look back.
Will get this posted so say a pray for our heroes tonight, and please check back.
See ya.   Carl  

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