Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A plea from the Boss

Tonight's report is more of a message from the boss than a message from me.  With this weather front moving in from the north and a very drastic temperature change, should push some birds our way.  There was nothing to even look at today, but sure along with the moisture  falling from the sky, there should be some birds too. 
We did have a flock of big Canada's that gave us a swing, early today, but they were not in the mood to stick around.  There was one real big dude too.  Also had a few ducks.  One ventured to close to the spread, that warranted a shot, and he found himself, feet up in the lake   
Well again, if you can possibly find the time you should get in some blind tomorrow, because this weather should provide some excitement, for you. 
Let ya go.   See ya.   Carl

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