Monday, November 04, 2013


Monday morning. 
Had an early goose shot.  Boy is that ever a shock.  To have an early morning goose shot.  At just about legal we had 9 geese float over us.  We started calling them and we got a couple rounds out of them.  I am understanding they were whitefronts, now. Then later on we had another small flock, and the boss asked me to blow my whistle.  Well that means the whitefront call.  So I have to assume that we had two bunches of specks this morning.  Then at about 6:45 there was 6 snows and blues come.  And they wanted in bad.  After two maybe three passes that were just a little far, they pulled one of those back behind the blind, then right up over the top routes.  Two, Grave Yard Dead.  Can't say they were DIP, because they both laid on the ground between the blind and the lake.  We should of done better, but only two guns, so we best be, happy, happy, happy, as Phil R. says.  
I went in early yesterday, for a family deal, and they had a shot on about a dozen, Snows and Blues,  but no cigar. 
After the S&B shot, everything shut down.  Should report that the two birds we took this morning one was a Ross goose.  It was a big one, but it was definitely, was a Ross.  Also we had a couple shot on ducks today, and a near miss on about thirty GWT.  we were doing some work around the pits, and was surprised, but they, really did not buzz close enough for a shot. 
Remember to ask, our maker, to bless those, that are serving our country, tonight!  And check back, we are getting signs, that the birds are ready to head our way.  
See ya     Carl  

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