Friday, October 19, 2007

Well we had sunshine, blue skies, Brisk Northwest wind, and BIRDS today. Should have harvested more, put had limited out on pintails. And every flock seem to have some pintails in it. But we had all the ducks we could get rid of when we did close up. There was even ducks come in while we had the pits wide open and was cleaning up. With guys standing out side and everything. Was seeing and harvested, a few Mallards along with Teal, Ringneck, Pintail, some divers. But have seen very few Gadwall and Widgeon, so they are yet to come.

On the goose front. We seen several flocks of Specks today and heard even more flocks. All of them were high, but they are on the move. There is a southerly wind forecast for tomorrow, that could make some of them want to decoy. If they ever get down to see the lake, I am sure we will decoy them. We have several spots, they should love to settle into. Also seen one very large flock of Canada’s go down just to the west of us. That was about all of them I remember of, but there was around 150 in that flock. Also had a blue flying around the pits when we walked in and later was setting in the lake. He was chased out of our lake and never made it past the west lake.

Boy is it ever fun to see them, ducks as well geese, decoy into the pond. The boss has out done himself, with this set up. Most shots are right straight up, or the shot I prefer out the front. With the winds we had today, a big part of the decoying, is out front and to the right, so you see it as you set on the seat. But the best part is, the birds are loving the lake too. We seen them pass other spreads and decoy right in to us. I told a guy when he shows up he should ware DEPENDS. Because when he see’s this setup, he is going to pee his pants.

With the sun and wind there was a lot of drying on the path, today, and did that ever help. When you take a step now you stay on top, and don’t sink into the mud a couple of inches. Was so much easier walking out today, than it was going in this morning.

Be sure to say a prayer for all our troops that are serving our country, tonight when you say your bedtime prayers.

See ya and Check back


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