Thursday, October 18, 2007

There was a near miracle this morning, in Burt County, Nebraska. When we went to the blinds this morning there was a big hole in the clouds and there were stars visible over head in this hole. There was a forecast for strong Northwest winds, and our hopes were high. At that time there was very little wind and what there was, was coming out of the South East.

I took a picture of what was almost a sunrise, but shortly after that things turn and went down hill for the rest of the day. Down to the point that we walked out in the rain and there was a hunter’s car stuck, by the time we got that out, two others and I were about as muddy as you can get.

Later in the morning the wind, did get to blowing out of the Northwest, but only about 10 MPH, and it in some, rain showers.

The past couple of days, we had Garry Mason, out of Tennessee, founder of the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame, hunting with us and we really, wanted to get him a shot. This was his second trip to our country in the past two seasons, and we had the same type of weather this year as we had last year. He claimed he would return and give us another chance. While here he did interview with Ralph for his TV show. I will do some investigating and see if it is possible for us to view it here in the Heartland. If it is possible I will alert everyone of time, station, ETC. He was on his way to So. Dakota, where he has interest in, a commercial pheasant hunting operation. He has about a month there and then may stop back on his way home.

I have to tell you Ron Cleveland carves some GREAT DECOYS, and last year donated a decoy to this Hall of Fame to be auctions off. It sold real good last year, and he committed to do another one every year for the Banquet. Hank Parker who went into the Hall of Fame with Ralph last year and was Master of Ceremonies for this year Banquet. He also acted as the auctioneer and auction off this decoy. He got $1,000.00 for it this year. I think they got $700.00 for the one he gave them last year. Well, the guy that got the decoy this year, told everyone he was opening the bid for next year's decoy, for $1000.00, right now. He has no idea what it is. Ron has got it done and gave it to Garry while he was here. So if you see Ron, please say something to him about this. Thank you’s and our positive comments is all the payment he gets for his generous gifts.

Better close this, as you can guess we didn’t shoot today, but have clear weather, and high winds coming tomorrow, so everything changes then. The slate has been wiped clean. If you miss tomorrow, you are going to be very very sorry. Why I wouldn’t miss tomorrow for nutt’in.

Remember the troops in your bedtime prayers, and check back tomorrow and see just what you missed.

See Ya Carl

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