Sunday, October 21, 2007

The last time I felt this good Steve Pederson had just got fired. I have that same great feeling today, WOW WHAT A DAY. I know very well that this old kid had no idea how to put the words together to truly describe, the quality, of this day.

If we would have had a bigger crew, we could have had a record day, for ducks. The birds were there if we would have had the hunters, we could of more than doubled, our bag with ease. Ralph and I were talking on the way out as to the number of flocks that decoyed to us today, and we are sure it would be over 100 flocks. As you know you don’t shoot into every flock you decoy and you don’t decoy every flock you see, but we got into our share. We limited again on Pintails, and almost had a duck limit, for everyone. Finished the day with around 50 ducks.

I know some of you will be thinking, why not more ducks than that if there was that many around. See you got, maybe one or two good shots in this wind and they are gone, but damn it was fun. Again, I must say, there were plenty of birds to fill many more limits, than we filled.
Most of the guys shot well over a box of shells, I know, I did and I didn’t shoot on every flock. Just a rough guess there were over 500 shell emptied today. It was tough shooting, but sporting, and I think that everyone had a great time.

Some of you guys better be getting your butt, headed this way and partake in this fun. I just can’t afford shooting all theses shells, and have all this fun while you guys are home, bored with, just watching the NFL, NASCAR, or working your job. I am forced to tell you, that retirement is hell, with nothing to do but hunt.

Did get into one flock of Canada’s. There is a great story about them too. This was before noon. They come in high and put on quite a show, decoying in, pulling across, right behind the blinds maybe 20-25 yards out 15 yds high, when the shot was called. Right in the area where I was shooting about mid point of the flock, they all fell and I dismounted my gun after, just two shots, because I thought they were all on the way down. When the smoked cleared, we had 5 down. That was a shame that we didn’t take more than that, on such a great shot. Later in the afternoon we stated seeing more and more geese. Most were whitefronts and some were Canada's. and this makes us think, that there is some great hunting, in store for us, for the next few days

Now if you have paid any attention to the weather reports, you should know, we have a nice northerly wind for the next 3 or 4 days. So that should mean some great hammering days ahead, so get on the way to here. You have been told.

Will let you go. As always, please say a prayer for the troops tonight

See Ya Carl

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