Monday, October 08, 2007


Had a rain over night so it was just a little muddy getting into the pits, this morning. Soon after daylight the Specks were being heard and seen. Seen several nice bunches of Specks, but decoying was not on their mind. I wasn’t feeling good so came back to town for a while. And most of this activity was while I was in town. Right after I got back to the pits, there was a flock of 5 Big Canada’s dropped in on us. When I say dropped I mean dropped in. They come in with the wind, and made a very short hook and into the water, giving us a very short marginal shot, which R K passed on. With a little scheming we got them air born again before putting two DIP. That was some very good shooting for the shot we had.

There was a few teal flying around and there was a nice size flock of about 50 that come racing through and we opened up on them. Not near enough meat to pay for the shells we shot, but it was fun.

The skies were dotted with big flocks of Cameron’s. There seamed to always be a flock some place, on the horizon. Had one flock that come over the lake, some of them even landed. Some come close enough, to the pits, that if we were not very law biding people, they would have ended, feet up in our pond.

Also have to report that after I left the pits on Sunday, they harvested two ducks. I have not got the best info or complete story, so can not give anymore info on this. The only thing I am sure of is; It was not a Aqua Shot. There also, was more than two birds. I think they were Blue wing, So I am guessing that there is something just a little strange, because no one will not even talk about it. Most generally there are 5 guys claiming each and every bird, well there is no one talking, so that alone makes it strange.

Again I must say we are seeing a large amount of Specks, so if you are wanting to be here on a Speck shoot, you better be making some steps to get here. We haven’t seen any big flocks, but when that happens it is to late, to alert you, and you show up. You should be there.

I have neglected to remind you, that DIP means, Dead In Pond

Well remember to say a little prayer for all the troops, that are serving this nation, tonight when you say your bedtime prayers.

See Ya Carl

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