Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We had a wonderful NNW wind today and all the other elements were in place, for a great day in the blinds. Should have been a shoulder bruising, powder burning, hunting day. And believe me, it started that way. Right after legal shooting we had a flurry of Mallards, and the sky was filled with flocks, of both ducks and geese. The geese were not to high to decoy and looked as they were all travelers, so we set our minds for a great day of shooting. After about a half hour of this activity, every thing cooled off and the skies went bare. We ended the day with just one duck and one goose in the game bag.

I know we passed on ducks that were less than a perfect shot, because there were going to be some great shots just a little later, in the day. But as I say, that a slow day in the pits, beats the hell out of a good day behind the desk---10-4.

Let hope that the activity picks up here in the next few day, after all the first day of November is the next hunting day from right now. So have a happy Halloween, and a safe night of trick or treating.

Please say a prayer for the troops and check back.

See Ya Carl

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