Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I had to make a run to Omaha this morning so I didn’t go hunting. Also did not put out a report last evening, because it was a day with out a shot. So you get two day in one.

As I said I was in the Big O, all morning and after a few other stops, got home around 3:00 and they were pulling up stakes, for the day. However they did harvest 5 ducks.

I had built, a BIRD PERCH and they told me it was not occupied this morning. Hope you are wondering what the H--- I am talking about, so will explain.

We have some big, white, long leg, birds that love to set on the Canada’s decoys. First we tried just scaring him, by making some noise, but that didn’t work Next step was to contacted the Game Warden and he gave us some bird bombs, and we got a couple of them real close to them, but scaring him does not deter him. Ralph has brought the Decoys to town and scrubbed all the Poop off them, again. It is almost impossible to get them clean out there.

So I got to thinking just why does he love our Canada’s so much??? I thought that he was just looking for something to set on, out in the water, for some protection. Also there is a thought he was thinking these other birds will be a warning system, for him, if danger approaches. So I constructed a perch just a little taller than a decoy, and we set it near the decoys, hoping he would set on it, and poop all he wished. Well he didn’t set on it last night, so I am planning on adding some wood to the top plate so it would be just a little more natural thing, for him to set on. See I used all iron and he may come in so late he may not see it, but if I put a piece of wood on the top plate, he should see that, and use it.

Heard from a friend, he said you handle this situation the S-S-S way.
You Shoot, the SOB.
You Scoop, out a hole for the SOB, and cover him
You Shut up, about the SOB

I guess that is all the news, so check back and hope we gets thing turned around

Say a little prayer for the boys and girls, that are protecting us
See Ya Carl

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