Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Well just so you all know, that I am still alive I will post a new report. We have had a long dry spell in hunting. The weather has been the other way. We have been in a Nebraska monsoon for the past few days. Steve is gone. So we have been hunting short days. We were not even seeing anything so there was nothing to report, except, Steve P got fired. I did write a nice report on Sunday, and when reread it, it was all bragging, on out local High School Softball team, that won the Nebraska State Tournament and complaining about the Nebraska Football team, and this was before Steve got fired, it was nothing about hunting so I didn’t post it. This is a hunting report, and not about other sports, like Steve getting the AX.

As for the hunt today. The rain has let up and the clouds have raised just a little, no sunshine, yet. Seen just a few ducks. Took one big green head, and shot at some Pintails. Come up on them just a little wrong so after all necessary adjustments, missed on shot. Can not get to wild on them because the bag limit is only one, and very easy to get to many down, so we put none down, remaining very safe. Thursdays weather sounds like a shoulder bruising day. Forcast saying, that there will be wind out of the North West, at 30-35MPH.

So hoping that there is something to report on most days from now on. We noticed on the way to town this afternoon that there was big flocks of Doves. This is past the middle of October and there is still Doves in the area, but since they are on the move I am guessing that our birds will not be far behind.

So remember the troops in your prayers tonight and every night, and check back

See Ya Carl

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