Sunday, October 28, 2007

The first order of business it to tell you that, we have backed off the time we are leaving town to 6:30 now. I am guessing that will not change again before we go back to regular time. That changes on the 4th of November. Using the formula of one and one half hours before sunrise, we will then, be departing town at 5:30.

As for the activity of the past few days. Today was the only day that we took anything. We took one Canada, but decoyed several flocks of ducks. We had that great Northwest wind on Saturday and we didn’t have any birds, that was decoy able and today we had a wind out of the Southeast, and we had some birds that decoyed. Of course we had the decoys set for a Northerly wind so getting them close enough for a shot was difficult, however we did have ducks in on us several times. But the success rate was a little lacking again today. This makes me tell you about the shot on the Canada. Now remember we had shot at some ducks earlier and had no luck, so everyone was guilty of missing, so when the shot was called on the goose, it sounded like there was just one shot. I looked to my left, and I seen about four gun barrels smoking and I had shot too. So none of us were sure whether it was our shot or some one else, who done the deed.

The wind got up where it was really a nice wind. We had seen plenty of ducks early and also a few flocks of Snow and Blue’s. Heard some Specks so they are still on the move.

Another tense time this morning I have to tell you about. R K was work on his goose call, getting the pitch just right, as always he is standing while doing this, so he can continual, scan the shies, for game. As he surveyed the shies, to Southwest, he seen three birds sailing toward the decoys. He started to alerted us to a couple of geese. Well before he got the words out of his mouth, about geese he decided it was not geese but was Sandhill Cranes. There were three of them. We don’t see to many of them and when you do, you enjoy the gift. Well one of these birds did not have any legs extending out behind as usual. Have no idea as to why, but have to assume it was handicapped. His flight was not hampered, because he moved as graceful as his partners did, but am sure his walking is not so smooth. So if you are south of Tekamah Nebr, and spot a trio of Cranes, and one is short his legs please hit the comment icon, let me know. Lets see if we can track them on down to Texas, or where ever they winter. I know in some states there is a season on these birds so if harvested or hear it was harvested please do the same.

Better get this posted so as always say some prayers for the troops and please check back

See Ya Carl

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