Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Was a little slower today but it was still a pretty good day. Got into the Canada’s two, no, three times. I can remember, when some spread, got into Canada’s the Kill was shown from one end of town to the other. Now days everyone thinks you should take a dozen everyday. Hunting should never get to that, and everyone should really enjoy each and every bird you harvest. So again, I will start, We had big Canada’s in on us three times today. One flock, was a single and there was a bunch of shots sent his way. Well at least he know just what gun powder smell like, but I bet the smile on his face will be there for a couple more days. The next go-a-round was a flock of three, followed by a pair. All five were placed in our game bag.

I do not remember just how many times we went into action on ducks but we totaled out with an even dozen of them. The ducks was a mixed bag today but there was two green heads among them.

Did see a couple flocks of Pintails. There was not a push of them as some had expected today, but it can’t be to far away. The same applies to the Whitefronts. We did not see any of them today, either. The Cormorant sightings, was slow today also. We are always happy when they, the Cormorants, have pushed through. When they are done, you know when you see something on the horizon, it is fair game.

I just have to tell all of you that have not seen the lake. This has to be one of the best setup we have ever had. If they keep flying the same pattern, that they have the past couple of days, the boss needs to patent this lay out. What a great job he has done on it, this summer. This is a real hunting hole, if it continues this way. Most always the birds will be, visible to the customers, and when they see the birds before the shot is called it is so much easier for them. I just do not have the talent, to describe to you, just how good, the shots have been. When you have to come up and find the birds, and then take your shot, you are just ineffective. I think the past couple days the customers have been shooting great, and I think that is because they know where the birds are before the shot is called. Now I know there is no way that every shot is going to be out front, but I am sure, most will be this year. The loaner this morning that was missed, was behind, when the shot was called, and he did escape out the front, but the customers, didn’t see that bird, until after the shot was called. So you hurry your shot and you miss so you hurry another shot and miss again. If you are shooting back up, like us guides should be, when we see it is getting away, we hurry a shot off and it is not the best either. Well it is all fun and provides us with some laugh, and that is what it is all about.

Looks by the size of this report that I had to much time on my hands so will shut it down. Please say a prayer for all the troops that are serving our country, tonight. Check back and we’ll see ya


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