Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Still getting rain here, has to run out one of these days, don’t it?? Tomorrow, the forecast is a strong Northwest wind. May be up to around 30 to 40 MPH, depending on what forecaster you listen to. My computer says that it may hit 30MPH but it still is saying there is a very high percent chance for moisture with it. But Friday it is to be clearing and still a wind from the Northwest at around 25MPH. Boy-oh-boy, the only way I would miss that, is, if they need some help, moving Steve Pederson out of Nebraska.

Went out this morning and seen a few ducks and a pair of Canada’s. The Can’s have been around the lake, and know just where we are, so take a safe route around us. I have no idea just what the problem the ducks had, but were not interested in our spread.

The Boss thinks that even if there is some rain with the wind tomorrow that it should shake something lose, but when the sun comes it will be Cady bar the door. Sure would like to know some one up north that I could call to see if the Specks are still lingering around up there or did they come through here in the dark. We haven’t seen to many Pintails yet, so that makes you think the Specks are still North too. With this lake set up, we should to talk some of those dudes, into gun range. Haven’t seen any Cormorants for three or four days, so guessing that most of them have moved through.

Must shut down so say a prayer for the troops in your evening prayers and check back

See Ya Carl

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