Saturday, October 20, 2007

Was much dryer, walking into the pits this morning, in fact I am back into my Tennie-waders. What a change. This was I think the second night with out rain in about 10 days. Plenty of stars over head making it an enjoyable walk. The Ducks we flying around as soon as we could see. Harvested just a few, didn’t have many guns so was a little leery on busting into the Pintails. Had a mixed bag flock, come through that the boss was comfortable, letting us going into action on. We placed 3 DIP, on that go around. And I think we got into another flock later. Thought this was pretty good shooting for a down wind shot. My shot was at least 50 maybe 65 yds. See us OSFF, don’t get up as fast as the kids, and with the wind on their tail, them birds get down range fast. I am sure this duck thought he had made it through, this steel curtain, but my pattern had him dead center. Was just a cloud of feathers, rendering this critter GYD. This is when I found out, he was a, LNM.

The most exciting thing of the day was, the Specks was still flying and were quite a bit lower today. We had a few flocks decoy to us but was not able to get any to finish. They have the ability of getting your hopes up and then breaking your heart. It was getting quite warm in the pits, and most wanted to see if the Huskers would play better today, so we come in early. Back to the Huskers, if they play the second half as good as they did the first half, we have a chance, to hold a team under 500 yards for the first time this year.

The weather for tomorrow, should bring more birds and I hope some hunters. There is a chance of a North wind up around 30MPH tomorrow. With the ducks we have in the area, and the possibility of more riding that wind down, also the thought of the Specks and Canada’s moving, with this wind should make for a great day of hunting. I know there is no way I would miss this day in the pits. Unless, Steve needs help moving.

DIP Dead In Pond
OSFF Old Slow Fat Fart
GYD Grave Yard Dead
LNM Long Nose Mallard

Game is back on, so will let you go. Say a pray for all our hero tonight.

See Ya Carl

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