Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Was a limit taking day. We were very short on guns, but we filled everyone’s limits anyway.

The day open with very few birds in the skies, and all of them were ducks, that have been setting and rousting in the lake. With so few ducks flying around, but we had no idea what the day was to bring.

Finely, the skies were was holding a few pintails, that was on the move. Soon we had a flock of them, in on us, so we all took our limit, while we were picking them up, we had a nice flock of Canada’s drop in. As you can imagine, with men and dogs in the lake, does not lend well to finishing of decoy birds. So they were picked up and every one got settled back on the blind seat, when we were alerted to the fact, that we had a big Canada settling into the decoys. Quick action and a couple loads of steel, he was placed into the game bag, along with our limit of ducks. Then we had one hunter that just had to go do some shopping, so he was sent on his way with birds in hand, but another hunter was on the way out. Good thing because the action was just beginning to heat up. Even with some very bad shooting we still filled the game bag of 4 hunters with big trophy size Canada’s. If we would have had a dozen guns we could have filled there bag as well. After we had limited out, we just set on the blind seat, and watched in awe, as a few more, flocks come in and sat down, with in easy gun range. One time there was a pair that passed over number one pit, so low I am sure you will not believe me, when I say that they were maybe, 50 feet.

These were not big flocks, but they decoyed in so close and so good, that I am sure I will be seeing geese tonight in my dreams. We had our limit, and enjoying the sights, before 11:15. We took just a few blue wing teal, after the that, and pulled up stakes around 3:00. I may be hell to get old, but there is some time great thrill, attached to it too. Yours truly witnessed one them thrills, today.

Have to get this posted, so as always say a prayer for the troops and please check back


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