Monday, October 22, 2007

There is ducks like we haven’t seen here in years and they are decoying in for good shots. Also seen loads of Whitefronts, and got in to Canada’s twice today. Mother nature put everything in place for great day. Temperature was about as good as you would want and the skies were clearing so we had every type of sky you could like, the ideal wind, and we still set there with no hunters. What does it take to excite you guys. You are missing the boat. Sure was a fun day. Could have easily shot a box of shells, again today.

Here is the bag for the day, a couple of Specks, 5 Canada’s and all the ducks we wanted to haul home. What more do you want??? If we had more hunters we would have had a larger bag.

These Canada’s were some real nice big fat birds. We didn’t weight them but sure every one, went over the 11 lbs. mark. Also we had some real nice, big mallards. Had our laugh again today, when I doubled up on a couple more, of the Long Bill ducks. Boy, do they ever find my pattern easy. If I get close to one he dies.

Well I don’t know what else I can tell, to excite you any more than I have. There is some great shooting, going on at Kohler’s Hunting, if you are wanting a great hunt, get your butt heading this way.

Was asked to update you all on my predictions for the season as well as a progress report, so here goes. I predicted we would harvest 350 Canada’s 4 to 600 Ducks, and 900 Snows and blues in the spring Remember we had Rain for about 10 days and took nothing. Right now we have harvested 30 Dark Geese 110 Ducks, and most of the days when we shot we had to quit, because we had a limit or all the ducks we could get rid of. Like yesterday should have sent over 100 birds home with guys, but had to stop at 48 or 49, because of limits.

Please say prayer for all the guys and gals that are protecting us tonight, and every night

Check back and see ya


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