Sunday, November 28, 2010

Was a strange day

Yes it was a strange day. We got into the Sky Carp two times. Now days, that makes it a strange day. We never had the best shot on either flock, but when you have a shot at them in the fall you best take it. Took a total of 11 of them. Was a sight to behold too. The thing I found interesting, was we shot only a couple juveniles, and rest of them were adult birds.

The rest of the day was not the worst either, was into Mallards one time and
Canada’s once too. The bag had 22 birds tonight. Was not the top day, but was a good day for as few hunter we had. Also had a couple of High School freshmen, shooting, and they are wanting, to have a return trip.

The Mallards was another big flock, boy is that exciting to see that too. Had a dozen or so, drop in quick, so that was our shot. Have not seen big flock of Mallards for a long time and do they ever respond to the call good too. Had the feeling last fall I would never see that again. You just don’t know how great it is to be wrong.

See a fair number of Canada flock today, all were low so sure they are some birds that are staying in the area.

Remember the troops, with a prayer tonight.

Check back and we’ll See Ya Carl

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