Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just Ducks

I have to finish with yesterdays report before I go to today’s.

How could I forget to say something about the Visitors we had yesterday in the lake. As I had pointed out I had my one grandson with me, and he is quite the spotter. Well he said there was a bunch of Snows coming at us from the southeast very low. Well we found them and soon realized there were not Snows at all. It was a family of Swans. Two adult birds and 6 juvies. What a magnificent bird!! On their final swing before landing they passed over the pits not over 15 yards high. I could even hear the wind passing through their winds. Ralph estimated that the biggest bird was 3 ft tall or taller, my guess it was nearer to 4 ft. His head was had to be about 24 inches above the Big Foot Canada’s decoys. They have to stand over 20 inches high. They got a drink and rested for about a half an hour, then took off on their journey. How could I forget such a story. I took some pictures but with out a telephoto lens, what I got, is not much of a picture.

Now to today. No geese, just a limit or two of ducks. They are still raking them over the coals north of us a few miles, but not many getting down in our area. We did have a big flock decoy in on us today. There was 100 plus birds in this flock. Have not had a flock like that come in to our spread in a couple years. Also seen a couple flocks today that were feeding in the area, with big numbers like 1-200 birds per flock. We have not seen that for over 2 years either. Give you the feeling that there may be a few ducks left after all.

Getting late so must hit the hay. So remember the troops again tonight and please check back

See ya Carl

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