Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another day with spookie birds

Was not an event full day, unless you were Mindy Thomas. The lake had some geese when they went down and open the blinds this morning. Most left when they seen people working on the blinds. Had three that decided they could hang around with our decoys. We all got into the pits and they stayed. After it was legal an extermination crew was formed to go get them up and hopefully get them in the bag. Well Mindy, was on this wrecking crew, She had never been on one before today. She has been hanging around out there for a couple of years but the opportunity, has never arisen before, where she could go. This job has it draw backs, because it you are not successful, there is some razzing directed your way. Of course there are several sets of eye watching as you make every step. It was obvious they were with in range of these birds before the birds got nervous, and started walking out of the decoys. Well the bird Mindy was stalking took off and with a couple of flaps of his wings was above her head, with lighting speed she took careful aim and pulled the trigger, and the goose come crashing down!! D.I.P. (That means Dead In Pond) Robert, her husband , is going to have it mounted for her. I think she had to pose at all pits for a picture. I wanted to post a picture, of the proud lady and her prey, but the quality of my picture, would not allow me to do that.

I did not say before, but they got all three birds. We had a couple more come in, and brought home a bag of 5 for the day.

Had quite a few bird still on the move today, but there are still to smart to decoy. There was not to much activity on the duck front today. Beginning to wonder if there will be a day that is close to what we feel is a normal day.

Well keep checking back and always remember the troop in your bed time prayers.

Thanks for all you who sent B’Day greetings, was not necessary, but I did appreciate your kindness.

See Ya Carl

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