Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A Very Happy Report

Everyone in the pit today should have had “SEARS” printed or maybe even tattooed on their, forehead, because we were all diehard hunters. With nothing in the shies it is hard to get many hunters. We do our best to entertain them, but they want to at least see some birds, while hunting. Well the past few days that was a tough order to fill. However today was another story. We had some activity. First there was a flock of 8 to 10 big ducks, give us a couple of fly over’s. Then there was two big flocks of small ducks, that we think either got out of a field or off the west lake. Makes no different as where they got off of, they went straight to the river and dropped in. Then there was a Cormorant that scared us to death, as he come sailing in. Then the excitement really got under way. There was 4 snows and a blue come floating down from the NW and decoyed in on the first round. Was not the greatest shooting or the greatest shot, but with it being so slow, any shot is a great shot. We took Three of the Five. Yes we should have taken all five but we didn’t. Think is was “total shock” of having a bird in range, was making our aim a little fuzzy.

The next paragraph is a true thrill for me to report. Sunday evening I walked to my computer, to check just how Nebraska had faired in the new football polls. As my computer come to life it showed I had an new E-Mail. When I open the Mail file there was a familiar name, “Edward Ward” and in the subject line was the familiar statement “Tomorrow” which by the way had not been there all season. I open that E-Mail as fast as my computer would go and checked the message. The contents of the message was one we had prayed for and was so happy to receive . “I’ll be there Tomorrow” They found some Meds that work and he is feeling and doing great. So happy to have him back in the pits.

Best be making some plans for a hunt, because this could be a short, but hot, migration this year. I have to admit that I would not miss tomorrow for nuttin.

Please say a pray for the Troops tonight and please check back

See Ya Carl

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