Thursday, November 04, 2010

Just Info tonight

This posting is mainly just information, that may be of interest to you.

The first tidbit of info is the fact that Dorothy got home on Monday. How I neglected to report that last night, is a mystery to me. She is doing pretty good, and getting stronger everyday. They have a trio ladies come in and sit with her while Ralph is at the blinds.

The next most important story is that DST ends Sunday morning at before shooting time. I am going to give you times to follow. You set the clock back so we are showing up one hour earlier. The Café opens (Monday through Saturday) at 4:30 and we will be leaving there lets say Monday the 8th at 6:00 sharp. Now that is going to hurry us just a little, but if we hurry it should work OK. That would be like us leaving there at 7:00 today. Again if you are going to eat Breakfast please give the cooks and waitress some time to cook and serve your food. Drinking an extra cup of coffee is better than leaving you breakfast, so early is better than late.

Next, I received an E-Mail reporting to me that there is another site (of course I say COPYCATS) for you to collect some hunting info along the Mighty Mo. This group is setup in the Springfield Nebraska area. Another group of young, Computer Savvy Guys, who want to make my “Plain Jane blog” look SOOOO bad. They have movies, pictures all over the place, well organized, completely void of misspelled words ETC. They even have a section on followers, if you want to sign up. They will post your picture too, I think. Anyway they have a picture of this young Chick and she owns a restaurant. With the look in her eye I think she is trying to get me to send her the recipe to my world famous “Dead Cow Stew”. She just as well forget that.

Check them out At:

Enough of that stuff, back to today’s hunting. Has Snows and Blues over us before legal this morning, as well as a few big ducks. They all moved out before legal. Must have set up camp , and kept all birds out of the area. With a hunter dream for a wind all day and no birds in the skies. We pulled up camp about 15 minutes early to our earlier deadline. Nothing in the skies and made our way back down road to the outhouse and turned around to look back at the decoys and what was over the pits. 18 Canada’s. Never had but two ducks close to the pits all day, and we don’t even get off the lake property and there they are.

Check out this blog and say a prayer for the troops, to night and every night.

Check back, Please. We’ll see ya Carl

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