Monday, November 29, 2010

The ducks were moving today

Today was a day of watching again. When I say watching , I mean we were watching a fly over today. The Mallards flew over us almost all day. They were up in the MUCK, Low hanging clouds, all day long. These Mallards we have been saying for the past 3-5 years did not exists. They have not migrated this far south, or did not come this early, but we are seeing them this year. They flew today on large flocks of several hundred. What a great sight, truly did not think I would ever see it again. We did not decoy any but at least we got to see there is ducks.

As for today’s action; I think we had about 4 go-a-rounds on Canada’s. They were all in little flocks. Don’t think there was over 4 that escaped our iron curtain, we threw up. But totaled only 10 Can’s and a hand full of ducks. All the action was in the morning, but have the feeling it was the weather doings. Was one raw day, once the wind got up. Know my face is chapped. Also made the blinds a little cool, too.

Got an E-mail asking me to point out a party coming up this Fri night here in T-town. I am going to paste the info from his note to me

Burt/Washington County DU Chairman, and we are having a Waterfowler Hunter Party this Friday at the Tekamah Auditorium, Could you put a tidbit in your next blog and pass the word on to your members. It starts at 5:30 dinner at 7. $25.00 gets you a membership, BBQ Dinner and free beer. Register on the DU web page or call me 402-968-8932.

Sounds like some fun to me. Will see if I can make it.

Please say a prayer for all the guys and gals, that are protecting us, tonight in your bed time prayers

Also please check back

See Ya

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