Monday, November 22, 2010


Well the migration is underway, or may even be over. There was more than an abundance of waterfowl today. They flew most of the day. When I say THEY, I mean the ducks, the snows and blues, and the Canada’s. There was even plenty of Gulls, Eagles, and Hawks. Was not much of the day, when you would look up and not see a flock of something in the air. But to get them to decoy was another story. I don’t think, I would be lying if I said we had 35 flock of Canada give us better than a good look. To get them to finish was another story. Ralph has never in his life called such, borderline shots, long shots, but if you was going to get a shot he had to call such shots. Not the most productive shots. We did end us with 6 big Canada’s and one go-a-round on ducks. One of the Canada’s was a huge bird. If I remember right it was over 13 lbs.

Ralph said today that today is a day that just has to be in his next book. At least it was a day, he will never forget. As most of you know I am trying to put a book together too, on my experiences of hunting with Ralph. One of my chapters is titled “Birthday Hunts”. Well today was my B’Day and this day is going to be remembered, in that chapter.

That is the reason this report is so late, we had to eat out and then met with some of the kids and grandkids, for some ice cream.

Hope that one of these days I can post a report that is all positive, about the days hunt. Sure hope that there is one day where some of the younger ones burn up a couple boxes of shells. Would be fun to carry a sack to the burn barrel that was loaded with empties and had some shell boxes in it. More aluminum, pans, cans, and foil making the barrel than plastic and brass. And that is just not right to have that happen.

Best get this posted so please say a prayer for the young men and ladies, that serve our country, to night and every night.

See Ya and please check back Carl

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