Friday, November 12, 2010

A Powder Burning Day

A better report today, but must tell about Thursday. Having a report that the Cheyenne Bottoms in Kansas was full of Specks, reinforced my feeling, that all the Specks had already gone South. Well yesterday, Veterans day, proved that was not the real story. We seen around a dozen, large flocks of Speck going South. So we are not sure they have all gone yet. Usually there is 3 to 4 days of the Speck migration. We have had day one!! Is there a couple more days, coming????? I’m not guessing. We also had a few flocks of Cacklers, and about a half dozen flocks of ducks. We did not get a shot all day long. When we had birds there was no wind, when we had wind, there was no birds.

Today was a different story. First off it was just a little wet but we kept the panels on all we could. My blinds faired pretty good, as far as mud and water. We had several flocks of Snow and Blues over us this morning early. Did not have much action in the way of decoying. Seen a few Specks, less than 20 birds through out the day, No Big Canada’s, but we seen Ducks like we have not in a couple, three years. Lots of Mallards. Some great decoying, but tough shooting. With this wind all shots were out the back of the blind so many shots, few ducks. Had some reports of other hunter limiting out, but we did not get so lucky. We did harvest 20 or 25 ducks, most Mallards. The old and slow, like me, got off 3 to 5 shots. The young and agile, may have shot up a box of ammo. Tomorrow with a North West wind should have shots out the front of the blind. Looking for a two box day.

About all the info I have for today, so please check back and say a prayer for our soldiers tonight.

See Ya Carl

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