Friday, November 19, 2010

Just a little action

Got something to write about tonight. Today was a slow day as far as geese is concerned, but what’s new about that. There was plenty of ducks in the skies, but they were real high, and near undecoyable. My computer says that is not a word, but sure you get the point. We did get a few in, and had I think 4 go-a-rounds. Most were Mallards but not all.

Yesterday was a morning filled with geese, but we feel they were all local geese. There was just flock after flock. We did have a flock of about 50 decoy to us and was doing everything just right. So pretty, with feet down and coming in against the South East wind. With in a few seconds we would have been into action on them, but as the fall goes, along come a airplane and had to fly right over the lake. Now let me tell you this guy was low, and right over the lake and drove the geese right out of the country.

There are reports saying, there is some cold weather and snow building in the north land so maybe that will drive some birds down. Also understand we are also going to have some pretty cold weather in the next week or so. So Maybe, Just Maybe, the hunting will get back to normal

Please say a little prayer for the troops tonight. Also please check back.

See Ya Carl

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