Saturday, November 13, 2010

Another Duck Day

This is going to be short. Two reasons Reason No.1 Sat, nite and I have to feed and water the old lady!!!! Reason No. 2 Have to have that done before the football game.

Was another day without a shot at a Canada. Ducks shots were fewer , but each go-a-round was more deadly. Daily total was about the same as last nights. I got more shots off. Duck decoying was so pretty, and shots were easier. Most of the ducks today were Mallards. Did see on flock of about 10 that was all Pintails. What a messed up year. Tomorrow is going to be another good day, and I wouldn’t miss it for nuttin.

I reported the other night that we had reports from Cheyenne Bottoms, that it was full of the Specks, so we were thinking they were all gone south. Well RK fielded a Phone call from a man that hunts there, and he told Ralph he had not seen them. So maybe there are all north yet. Sure are not seeing any geese at all, except for what we seen on Thursday.

Well I have to post this and get moving. So don’t forget the troops tonight in your prayer.

See Ya and check back, please Carl

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