Saturday, November 20, 2010

Plenty of sky action

Well we shot a Canada, today. It has to be close to 3 week since the last time I could report this. WE KILLED A CANADA TODAY!! However, we did have some great movement on Canada’s today. Just could not get them to decoy. Had many groups check in today and it was about the same on all reports, THEY JUST WILL NOT DECOY. Did hear that one spread Northwest of us, did get into a big flock and got 6 to 8 out of it.

We did have a couple go-a-rounds on ducks and took a few. We passed on one flock of Long Bills. Sure glad of that cause the die easy, and I get credit for all that die.

Need to get in tub and get ready to go feed and water, mother. Have to be home, before the game comes on. Sure hope I can keep her off the tables tonight, and get in early. GO HUSKERS

Say a little prayer for the troops tonight and I hope I have a good report tomorrow

See Ya Carl

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