Friday, November 26, 2010

Finely had a somewhat good day

The day got it start with one great sunrise, which I am planning to share with you. Shortly there after we got into the first birds, of the day. Had a small flock of Mallards come in on us and the crew made short work of them placing them all into the pond.

Had a grandson in the pits with me today and his gun was not functioning right, so I told him I had an extra with me today and if he would just go back to the van and get it, it should work. Well, before he got back we got a nice flock of Canada’s in and he missed out on the shot. That is the last thing a Grandpa ever wants. About a couple hours latter I was not feeling the best so went home for a couple of hours and while I was gone they got into 2 more flocks of Canada’s. The highlight of the day was there was one flock of 13 Canada’s and the crew took 12 of the 13. Way to go guys, some good shooting. Three go-a-rounds on Canada’s and flock of Mallards. The best day of the season.

We are hearing that all the setups up north thinning out the Duck population and getting there share of Can’s too. So we have some birds in the area, so maybe we can get this season into the harvest mode. Sure hope so because it has been so boring, so far.

Have some work to do before morning, so best get with it and get this posted.

So say a prayer for the troops and please check back.

See Ya Carl

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