Saturday, November 03, 2007

The boss has been a little under the weather for the pass few days. We are having amateur day till he gets back. They are running a bunch of test on him at the Methodist Hospital, and are down to where they are thinking he has an infection of some type in his body. He has been running a temperature and chilling pretty bad so we band him from the pits for a few days.

As for the activity at the pits. Us amateur did harvest some ducks, but the exciting thing is we seen over 25 bunches of Snow and Blues today. They were not flying high but we could not talk any of them down. Now these bunches are not the type we have been seeing for the past few years, where there were hundreds in a flock. They were 15 to 150 birds in a flock, like in the old days. We turned a couple of flocks, but never got any to really decoy. Sure was exciting to see this type of flocks. A couple flocks of Canada’s and also was a few Specks in with the S&B’s.

Very few Mallards, a few blue bill, also a few Green wing. Harvest a couple of those green wing. We had a hen that we are counting as a harvested bird. See she lit out in the pond, and we talked her right over to the pits. Was just a few feet from waters edge, maybe 10 feet, we took a vote and gave her a full pardon. Took a Drake Mallard so calling it 4 ducks for the day.

As I said we are running Amateur day for a few days, but with this weather change north of us, you better be paying attention, and be ready to get here and take your limit, because it is going to get good.

Don’t forget the troops, when you say your bed time prayers tonight

Don’t forget to check back either, see ya.


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