Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A powder burning day

Sorry about not being any report last evening. We had made a decoy shift, and got home late and then a some phone calls followed by some very important E-mails, then supper, and then to lazy to go back to the computer. We had about 10 birds, and had seen plenty of birds. What we could call a fair day but nothing to compare to today’s hunt

For today;
Personally, I do not relish a day when the wind changes directions, while we hunt. My phrase is "You don’t see geese until the wind get into the direction it is going to be in at sunset". Well the birds didn’t care just what direction the wind was today. When we were heading out this morning the wind was in the Southeast. We shot geese. Later, it shifted to the Southwest, again we shot geese. The same when it was in the West and then again the Northwest.

Had a hunter there today that was celebrating a birthday, His wife give him a days hunt with us for his birthday, he told me tonight it was his best birthday ever. She pick a great day.

I think we had about 6 go-a-rounds and a total of over 40 birds and could have been double that with just a little luck. Many shell pass through the ol’ smoke pole today. Many empty shell boxes hit the trashcan tonight.

Must go, so please say a little prayer for the Young Men and Women, that serve this country, tonight and every night. Also must say THANKS to the readers at SDSU, but shouldn’t you be studying??

Please check back
See Ya Carl

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Duckhusker061 said...

"THANKS to the readers at SDSU, but shouldn’t you be studying??"
I don't know if your referring to me and my buddy or not but I can't think of anybody else from SDSU that spent their spring break in Tekamah. Luckily enough we hit the migration just right but now we're back in Brookings, giving the birds up here a break for a week and yes back to studying also. Best of luck to you guys for the rest of the season.